Rauf Class

Autumn Term (First Half Term)

Information coming soon.

Summer Term (Second Half Term )

We finally got to perform in the Queen’s Jubilee music concert, after much practise. The children performed wonderfully, remembering all the lyrics to the ‘Save the Planet’ song.

Other highlights this term have included the P.E. lessons in which we designed our own obstacle courses, had a mini-sports day and played rounders.

In geography we debated which were more dangerous – volcanoes or earthquakes? (We decided earthquakes as they are spread over wider areas and can damage highly populous areas.) In Design and Technology, we got to design and construct our own bridges based on structural insights from real bridges. In history, we created time-lines of the key events in World War II.

Many children in the class came back from their residential trip looking suitable exhausted after a great time. I was really pleased to hear the children who remained in class enjoying their research projects. They could pick topics they were most interested in, and this really motivated them to produce some of the best work of the year.



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