Reynolds Class

Autumn Term (First Half Term)

What Reynolds has been up to this half term:

We created comedy anger poems, inspired by our class text this term “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. In maths, we learned to partition numbers into their component parts, and used this knowledge to add and subtract. A highlight in history was learning all about the contributions the Romans made to Britain and in science the children enjoyed labelling the bones on the class skeleton “Mr. Salad.” Some of the best work this term has been created by the pupils in their sewing work. They designed patterns based on Art Deco models. In P.E., the children have been perfecting their gymnastics skills – another strong point in this class.

What our children say: (1 – 2 quotes)

“Please can I take this work home to finish it?” (sewing).

“Britons, don’t hate the Romans. They brought us baths, bridges, roads, aqueducts, drainage and latrines!”


Summer Term (Second Half Term)

Wow – we cannot believe that we have been Oz class for a whole year and what a year it has been! We are so proud of everything you have all accomplished and know you will have a great year next year. This half term has been full of exciting adventures; from the school trip to Cambridge’s Zoology museum, to our gardening project to the whole school sports day and fete event. On top of all of these fun filled days, Oz have also completed some excellent learning.

In English, we have been studying the book ‘Cloud Busting’ which has explored a bully’s journey to recognizing the errors in his behaviors and the hurt that he caused. It has raised some in depth discussions and extended pieces of writing. Their passion for the book has been evident throughout, especially in their dramas when reciting the poetry and for the recent newspaper report. In maths, we have been looking predominately at time and money. We have explored how to convert money and how to solve real life problems that included money. With time, we have explored the 12hr and 24hr clock as well as different time periods and how to convert time as well as how we find intervals.

The children have used the IPads a lot during this half term. They have used them in maths lessons, as a research tool, to create leaflets, and to create stop motion pictures in computing. They have really enhanced our learning this half term and the children are becoming experts at using them in creative ways. This half term in DT we have been exploring shell structures and how to use them to design and make our own chairs. They are not big enough to sit on but there are some very creative and well thought out designs!



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