Henn Class

Autumn Term (First Half Term)

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Summer Term (Second Half Term)

This half term in Whoville Class, we have been learning about time and money in Maths. We have enjoyed using practical resources such as clocks and coins to support our learning. We have also continued to read our storybooks in our Read, Write, Inc. lessons, as well enjoying stories such as Perfectly Norman, by Tom Percival.

In Science, we have been investigating the properties of different materials. We have enjoyed squashing, bending and squeezing many different objects! We have also revised how different objects make different sounds, as well as how to make a shadow puppet.

In History, we have been recognising old and new buildings. We have also learnt about the history of the printing press, as well as who John F. Kennedy was.
In Geography, we have learnt about extreme weather, including hurricanes and droughts, as well as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We also compared living in Australia to living in the United Kingdom and found many differences.

Finally, we have enjoyed our DT lessons, learning about making frame structures. We had the challenge of designing and making a model of a piece of play equipment using a frame structure as our base. See some of our designs below!


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