The PTFA is a group of parents, teachers, friends of the school and members of the local community who are working towards a common goal; supporting the education of all our children at school and strengthening the school community.

Everyone’s invited: Now that your child has started at school you’re automatically a member of the PTFA. How involved you choose to become is up to you. If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to be involved in running the association, you might want to consider joining the committee. If you have ideas to share or want to know more about the group head along to the next meeting.

It’s GREAT for our KIDS – even if they don’t realise it!

Studies show there’s a direct link between parental and carer involvement at school and how well children do. When they see us involved in their school and learning it encourages them to do their best. Being active in the PTFA makes you an excellent role model.

It’s good for YOU too: The PTFA is a fast and easy way to meet other parents and school staff. Feeling part of a community is a very real human need, and we are a friendly bunch! There are opportunities for you to gain new skills, share your ideas and expertise, and you might even discover some hidden talents! We ALL have something to offer, no matter how many kids you have, your age or background.


Meeting Funding Challenges Together

School budgets are tight, and everything we raise goes directly to providing for the school, and, in consultation with staff, parents have a say on where and how the money is spent.

Get involved: There has never been a more important time to support your PTFA!

You can make a real difference! More parents involved means more money raised through more fun events, benefiting everyone.

What value does the PTFA already bring to Fen Ditton?

  • Fundraising – whether it’s paying for extras or essentials, every penny directly benefits our children
  • Fun – our events are enjoyed by children, parents and teachers alike, and are a great way to bring the whole school community closer together
  • Parent voice – discussing where PTFA money is spent, talking to teaching staff and everything in between contributes to school decision-making.

Join us: There are many ways you can offer your talents and be part of the conversation. If you would like to chat about how you can volunteer and be a force for good at Fen Ditton Primary School – however much or little time you can spare – please get in touch:

Email or phone the office at school.

See our Facebook page for our regular uniform sales and events. Join the Giving Machine (choose Fen Ditton Primary School) to start fundraising for free when you shop online.

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