As a school, we recognise that working alongside parents in helping to define the culture and learning environment of the school is vital. We have explored a number of ways to build positive links with parents over the years, to provide an opportunity to help shape the direction of the school and bring appropriate encouragement and challenge.

We established the Parent Forum in 2019/20 and we hope that these termly times will give parents an opportunity to be involved in asking questions, discuss some strategic matters, and work in partnership with staff, pupils and governors in enhancing the time the children spend at the school.

It is our intention to make notes available from each evening – these can be found by clicking on the date of the meeting.

If there are topics you would like to discuss, a specific focus for a future evening or constructive comments about how we can make these times better, then please get in touch with either the Head, Mr Askew, or Rev Stuart Wood, Chair of Governors.

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