Art and Design at Fen Ditton Primary School aims to engage, motivate and enthuse all children in the study of the work of artists together with the exploration and creation of their own personal artwork. Over time, children’s learning will build upon itself to provide a rich tapestry from which they will go forth and explore the world with curiosity and an artistic lens.

Taking into consideration the levels of social deprivation here at Fen Ditton, we seek to diminish the gaps in the experiences of our pupils through the exploitation of online technology and first-hand experiences to enable all children to access a wide range of art exhibits in museums and galleries. Children from all social and academic backgrounds will be actively encouraged to develop empathy and understanding of the multifaceted and diverse cultures that surround them, both locally and in the wider world.

It is our intention that children will develop a strong Art and Design schema embedded in their long-term memories based upon knowledge, vocabulary and creative tasks. In doing so, they will readily draw upon prior knowledge, skills and
vocabulary to inform the production of their own art and design work with greater ease and confidence.

These three main threshold concepts will underpin our Art and Design teaching and enable our pupils to develop an Art and Design schema: –
• Develop ideas – this concept involves understanding how ideas develop through an artistic process.
• Master techniques – this concept involves developing procedural knowledge so that ideas may be communicated.
• Take inspiration from the greats – this concept involves learning from both the artistic process and techniques of great artists and artisans throughout history.

Please see more information about our Art curriculum in the document below.

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