Science lessons aim to engage pupils to be interested and curious learners, who are able to think independently and are confident in asking questions. Pupils will feel equipped and motivated to participate in scientific observations and experiments by being provided with frequent Science opportunities. Over time, they will build upon their existing knowledge, aiding the development of new links in their long-term memory, by frequently revisiting micro topics to secure their fundamental knowledge before progressing into exploring them in greater depth.

The delivery of Science at Fen Ditton is based on the acquisition of both knowledge and working scientifically skills, with a mixture of theory and practical lessons being delivered across the school. Due to many children starting school with a limited vocabulary and a high percentage speaking English as an Additional Language, scientific vocabulary is highlighted and regularly discussed when exploring new concepts. The aim is for pupils to be able to vocalise and apply this new vocabulary to their work, reinforced and prompted by engaging and cumulative working walls. Science at Fen Ditton is supported by our school values of Courage and Resilience; we aim for pupils to leave school as mini scientists who are able to use their initiative and problem solve in new situations, as well as feeling confident in making links to the world around them.

Please see more information about our Science curriculum for each Year Group below.

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